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The Dead Book

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Tomes and Grimoires

The Olven Calendar

Deities and Powers

The Divine Compact
The Lady Of Pain
The Spelljammer
Celestian The Star Wanderer
Lirr Oeridian goddess of poetry, literature, and art
Vecna Oeridian god of secrets

Factions, Guilds, and Organizations

The Factions A survey of the Factions of the Planes in the wake of the Faction War.
Wildspace Organizations A survey of groups that span multiple crystal spheres.

Locations of Note

The Planes of The Great wheel
The Prime Material Plane – Wildspace | Phlogiston

Planar Locations
SIGIL The City of Doors, The Cage | Locations Civic Festhall

Prime Locations
- The Rock of Bral
- The Free City of Greyhawk | Locations The Broken Staff )
- The Barrier Peaks
Spiralspace – Primarily Elven star system, former home to the The Rock of Bral
– Mercane controlled vacation Sphere and Shipyard.

Main Page

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