Planejammer: The Infinity Arc

Lucidus - Missive to Renzaran, Community Leader of Facet

Renzaran — I hope this missive finds you well.

I am doing well. The effort to acquire more knowledge for Facet is progressing nicely.

The companions I have chosen are growing into their roles, and my guidance is helping them to grow at an accelerated pace. I am pleased that their ambition mirrors my own, and they should be able to accomplish great deeds in short order.

It is not far-fetched to suggest that losing one’s self in the pages of a book is a form of madness. The sensations experienced when enmeshed in a story: the ability to see through another’s eyes; the power to enter into the minds of others, unobserved and omniscient; the clear knowledge of the appearance and customs of places one has never been, or even that have never existed, surely in any other context claims to these fantastic powers would be treated as madness. As such, the library then becomes a storehouse for this wonderful form of madness.

I have gained access to the library at the Rock of Bral, where I intend to return many times to pore over the knowledge secured there. With both this library and the vast flow of information through Sigil within reach, my chosen task of bringing lost knowledge of psionics back to Facet should become both more frequent and more powerful.

Along with this letter, I send a compiled list of Sigil portals with their associated keys. A list this comprehensive is of some value, and I would appreciate if you held a copy, in case something happened to the one I possess.

Let me know if our community is lacking any specific knowledge or texts on a particular topic – I will endeavor to procure them for you expeditiously.

As always please pass on my greeting to all there, and tell Calindra that those dreams she continues to send me are inappropriate for Elan of our age and dignity.

As to other matters, I am becoming more and more frequently frustrated by the frail and temporary nature of my body. After all, as you well know I have always devoted my focus to the advancement and improvement of my mind, to the detriment of my physical form. Watching these young women I am associated with, so full of vigor and vitality, has made me realize their hidden, perhaps unrealized fear – it will not last. I believe in their subconscious fear of the rapid approach of the loss of that vigor, they are driven to indulge the senses. I wonder at times – how much more could these children I surround myself with have made of themselves if they had only focused on sharpening their minds? What are they left with? Fleeting muddled memories of sensations, forgotten sometimes before they are even paid for. So, my observations of the behavior of my companions, combined with some physical mishaps of my own, have shown me the path to which I should devote myself. After recently losing a hand, I’ve compensated for the lack with creative uses of my ability to defy gravity and my use of far hand. The concept can surely be extended to encompass the entirety of the flesh that makes up a body. I embark on a path to become an Uncarnate.

As always, I value your opinion. I am but a shard, resonating and reflecting the brilliance you have endowed to me.



DungeonMasterLoki Bbanzai28

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