Planejammer: The Infinity Arc

Letters from Farrah

Don't worry, I'm fine (I think?)

Dear Mamma and Pappa (emphasis on the 2nd syllable, as in Hurrah),

I am well. I have left the familiar streets of Greyhawk, and am now in Sigil. You would not believe some of the creatures I have met! Beings that until now I had only seen within the confines of a summoning circle, I am now passing on the streets! One of my new companions, Estatira, is even a demon of some sort! She says she’s a “tiefling,” whatever that means. She’s a brilliant dancer, though, and I’ve been assisting at her shows.

But I digress. I was called by Bigby himself to watch over my new friends. Lucidus is an elan, who has a passion for dusty old books. I recognize the condition, but I can’t really sympathize. Horridly dull, books. He has two friends, Estatira and another human girl, Lucky. I call them his friends, but really they seem to be friends with each other, who tease and somewhat pity Lucidus.

Then there’s Alcyone, a cleric of Celestia. She was one of the Celestians who came to Greyhawk for the Midwinter Festival. She has weird visions sometimes, and one of them showed Morden Kainen, in grave danger. I hope nothing has happened to him! You’ll both keep him safe, I know.

On a side note, I do hope you’ll have a word with Bigby. He delivered his message via a stinking fire opal. And when I say stinking, I mean it quite literally.

Stay safe, and know that I am fulfilling my destiny. Exciting times are ahead!

Love your daughter, Farrah


DungeonMasterLoki kvcoolman

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