The Planes of The Great wheel

The Known Planes as Reported by The Planar Cartographic Society

Inner Planes (Region)

Plane of Air (Plane)
The Riven City of Bleurophil
Carnival of Flesh and Spirit (DR&GH)
Cloud City Croft (DR&GH)
Realm of the Evening Sky (DR&GH)
Susurrus (DR&GH)
Tumbling Green (DR&GH)
Whispering Night (DR&GH)

Plane of Earth (Plane)
The Crystal Roads of Deluer (BCD)
Great Dismal Delve
Caverns of The Contest (DR&GH)
Mountain of Remembrance (DR&GH)
Plains of Womb Soil (DR&GH)

Plane of Fire (Plane)
The City of Brass
Fernia (Eberron)
Forest of Valor (DR&GH)
Molten Tarn (DR&GH)

Plane of Water (Plane)
The City of Glass
Forge of Mists (DR&GH)

Para-Elemental Ice (Plane)
The Chiseled Estate
Mountain of Ultimate Winter

Para-Elemental Magma (Plane)
Fields of Nevermore
The Monolinth
Oolan’s Laboratory
Targath’s Tower

Para-Elemental Ooze (Plane)
→ [[Gnome’s Home]]
The Trash Heap

Para-Elemental Smoke (Plane)
The Choking Palace
The Hidden City
→ [[Reinsong’s Ashen Fortress]]
The Valley of Blinding Mists

Quasi-Elemental Ash (Plane)
Ammet Hansha
Citadel Cavitus
The Citadel of Former Flame
The Void Sphere

Quasi-Elemental Dust (Plane)
Cathedral of Cobwebs
Citadel Alluvius
The Centrifuge

Quasi-Elemental Lightning (Plane)
The Eye
Ouno, The Storm Realm (BCD)
The Tower of Storms

Quasi-Elemental Mineral (Plane)
The Tower of Lead

Quasi-Elemental Radiance (Plane)
The Heart of Light
The Kingdom of the Blind
The Refuge of Color

Quasi-Elemental Salt (Plane)
Citadel Sealt
The Mines
The Salt Geysers

Quasi-Elemental Steam (Plane)
The Straits of Varrigon
The Tower of Ice

Quasi-Elemental Vacuum (Plane)
Citadel Exhalus

Positive energy (Plane)
The Hospice
The Bastion of Broken Souls
The Sea of Possibilities (DR&GH)
Nefesh, Wellspring of Potential (DR&GH)
Neshamah, Wellspring of Essence (DR&GH)
Ruach, Wellspring of Mind (DR&GH)
Malkuth, Sefirot of Rulership (DR&GH)
Yesod, Sefirot of Foundation (DR&GH)
Hod, Sefirot of Glory (DR&GH)
Netzach, Sefirot of Eternity (DR&GH)
Tifaret, Sefirot of Beauty (DR&GH)
Gevurah, Sefirot of Severity (DR&GH)
Chesed, Sefirot of Kindness (DR&GH)
Daat, Sefirot of Knowledge (DR&GH)
Binah, Sfirot of Understanding (DR&GH)
Chokhmah, Sefirot of Epiphany
Keter, Sefirot of Creation (DR&GH)

Negative Energy (Plane)
Death Heart
The Doldrums
The Castles Perilous

Transitive Planes (Region)

Astral (Plane)
Elserryn Cluster
→→ Vala’koth
→→ Crosswinds Keep

Ethereal (Plane)*
* Demiplanes of the Ethereal

Ordial (Theoretical Plane)

Shadow (Plane)
Black Oaks (DR&GH)
City of Whispering Shadows (DR&GH)
Halls of The Missing Ones (DR&GH)
Living Constellations (DR&GH)
Mnemosyne Swamps (DR&GH)
Sable Court of The Shadow Fey (DR&GH)
Tumbling Mirrors (DR&GH)

The Underworld (DR&GH)
Courts of The Underworld Kings (DR&GH)
Grey Hinterlands (DR&GH)
Horizonless Graveyard (DR&GH)
Oubliettes (DR&GH)
Underworld Caves (DR&GH)

Planar Pathways (Category)
* World Serpent Inn
* The Infinite Staircase
* Via Romana
* Bifrost
* The Herd
* Jormundgandr
* The Labyrinth of Loss
* The Seventh Sea
* The Steep Ascent
* The Wormholes
Fey Roads (DR&GH)
House of Infinite Doors (DR&GH)
The Nine Stairways (DR&GH)
The Road of Gates (DR&GH)

Planar Waterways
* Oceanus
The Achelous
* The Styx
* The River Ar-en-Gereh
* The Acheron
* The River Cocytus
* The Eridanus
* The Euonë
* The Hister
* The Lethe
* The Pyriphlegethon

Prime Material (Region)

The Plane of Incandescence (The Phlogiston) (Plane)
Ancient Penumbra
Astromundi Cluster
The Crimson Sphere of the Dark Sun
Destroyed Crystal Shells
The Etherdeep
Ether Shift
The Lost Dead God
The Radiant Triangle

The Infinite Planes of the Starry Void (Wildspace) (Planes)
* Geonomicon: The Spheres of Wildspace
Arcane Inner Flow
Arcane Outer Flow
The Maelstrom
The Pearls
The Trulian Ring
The Weird
Vodoni Empire
Lost Spheres

Other Planes (Region)

Changeling House (DR&GH)
Concordance of the Harvest Gods (DR&GH)
Giggling Dragon Wood (DR&GH)
Land of the Thirsty Tree (DR&GH)
Shelter Without Walls (DR&GH)
White Lily Tomb (DR&GH)

Far Realm (Plane)
Xoriat (Eberron)

*The Loom (DR&GH)
Chalice Lake (DR&GH)
One in The Web (DR&GH)
White Well (DR&GH)

The Dreaming (Plane)
Dal Quor (Eberron)
The Dreamheart
Rajrin The Dreaming Asteroid
→→ Su’vah (City/Town)
→→ Coliseum Morpheuon (Feature/Site)

The Plane of Mirrors

Black Lakes (DR&GH)
Durigrin’s Tomb (DR&GH)
Hold (DR&GH)
Ored’s Folley (DR&GH)
The Violet (BCD/Plane)

Outer Planes (Region)

Infinte Layers of The Abyss (Plane)

Acheron (Plane)
* Avalas (Layer)
* Thuldanin (Layer)
* Tintibulus (Layer)
* Ocanthus (Layer)
Cabal Macabre

Arborea (Plane)
* Arvandor (Layer)
The Seldarine
Thelanis (Eberron)
* Aquallor (Layer)
* Pelion or Mithardir (Layer)

Arcadia (Plane)

  • Abellio (Layer)
    → Mandible
    → Mount Clangeddin
    → Basilica of Saint Cuthbert
  • Buxenus (Layer)

Baator (Plane)

  • Avernus (Layer)
    → Bronze Citadel
    → Pillar of Skulls
  • Dis (Layer)
    → Iron Tower
    → The Ten Courts of Hell (BCD)
  • Minauros (Layer)
    → The City of Minauros
    → The City of Jangling Hiter
  • Phlegethos (Layer)
    → Abriymoch
  • Stygia (Layer)
    → Tantlin
    → Sheyruushk
  • Malbolge (Layer)
    → Maggoth Thyg
  • Maladomini (Layer)
    → Malagard
    → Grenpoli
  • Cania (Layer)
    → Mephistar
    → Shapes in the Ice
    → The Pit
  • Nessus (Layer)
    → Malsheem
    → Serpent’s Coil

Beastlands (Plane)

  • Krigala (Layer)
    → The Grove of the Unicorns
  • Brux (Layer)
  • Karasuthra (Layer)
    → Lamannia (Eberron)

Bytopia (Plane)

  • Dothion (Layer)
    → The Golden Hills
  • Shurrock (Layer)

Carceri (Plane)

  • Othrys (Layer)
    → Bastion of Last Hope]]
    → Mount Orthrys
  • Cathrys (Layer)
    → Apothecary of Sin
  • Minethys (Layer)
    → Sand Tombs of Payratheon
  • Colothys (Layer)
    → Garden of Malice
  • Porphatys (Layer)
    → Ship of One Hundred
  • Agathys (Layer)
    → Necromanteion

Elysium (Plane)

  • Amoria (Layer)
  • Eronia (Layer)
  • Belierin (Layer)
  • Thalasia (Layer)
    → The Fortress of the Sun

Gehenna (Plane)

  • Khalas (Layer)
    → Teardrop Palace
  • Chamada (Layer)
    → The Crawling City
    → Nimicri
    → Tower Arcane
  • Mungoth (Layer)
    → Valley of the Outcast
  • Krangath (Layer)
    → Hopelorn

Grey Waste (Hades) (Plane)

  • Oinos (Layer)
    → Dollurh (Eberron)
    → Khin-Oin the Wasting Tower
  • Niflheim (Layer)
    → Death of Innocence
  • Pluton (Layer)
    → Underworld

Limbo (Plane)
→ Githzerai Cities and Monasteries
→ Kythri (Eberron)
→ Shra’kt’lor
→ Monastery of Zerth’Ad’lun
→ The Slaadi Spawning Stone

Mechanus (Plane)
→ Daanvi (Eberron)
→ Delon-Estin-Oti
→ Formian Hive Cogs
→ Neumannus
→ Regulus
→ Fortress of Disciplined Enlightenment
→Rusty Gears (DR&GH)
—>The Desert of Rust (DR&GH)
—>The Hall of Inevitable’s Fate (DR&GH)
—>The Junkyard of Broken Cogs (DR&GH)
—>The Spinning Wheels Quarter (DR&GH)
—>The Veil of Chains (DR&GH)

Mount Celestia (Plane)

  • Lunia (Layer)
    → Castle Mahlhevik
  • Mercuria (Layer)
    → Bahamut’s Palace
  • Venya (Layer)
    → The Glass Tarn
    → Green Fields
  • Solania (Layer)
    → Erackinor
  • Mertion (Layer)
    → Empyrea
    → Rempha (City/Town)
  • Jovar (Layer)
    → Yetsira, the Heavenly City
  • Chronias (Layer)

The Outlands (Plane)

  • Outlands Locations and Features
    →The Casino (DR&GH)

The Hinterlands (Plane)
The Farbeyond (DR&GH)
→Battlefield Both Prison and Paradise (DR&GH)
→Creature Cities (DR&GH)
→Echoes of Whimsy (DR&GH)
→Edge of Annihilation (DR&GH)
→Engine of Creation (DR&GH)
→Glyph Skater’sRink (DR&GH)
→Library of Imenteshes (DR&GH)
→Onslaught (DR&GH)
→Potential Wilds (DR&GH)
→Shore of the Sketch-Smiths (DR&GH)
→Striding Mountins (DR&GH)
→The Sea of Halak’Yam (DR&GH)

Pandemonium (Plane)

  • Pandesmos (Layer)
    → Madhouse
    → Winter’s Hall
  • Cocytus (Layer)
    → Howler’s Crag
    → Harmonica
  • Phlegethon (Layer)
    → Windglum
    → Citadel of Slaughter
  • Agathion(Layer)

Ysgard (Plane)

  • Ysgard (Layer)
    → Kord’s Realm
    → Plain of Ida
    →Plane of Spears (DR&GH)
    → Alfheim
    → Den of Olidammara
  • Muspelheim (Layer)
  • Nidavellir (Layer)
    → Svartalfheim

The Planes of The Great wheel

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