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In order to preserve continuity while adhering to the Pathfinder rules a number of house rules were needed. The combination of AD&D Planescape and Spelljammer necessitates rules for technology, firearms, psionics, dimension travel and time travel. Here they are.

Rule Zero The game master can suspend or override the published game rules whenever he deems necessary. Rule zero may be invoked unilaterally, at any time and does not have to be agreed upon in advance by the players.

Core Rules The Pathfinder SRD | The Dreamscarred Psionics SRD

House Rules Races | Classes | Traits | Feats | Skills | Magic | Psionics | Spelljamming

The OP Rule No character or inventory item, etc. is in play unless it has been approved by the DM and appears here on Obsidian Portal. This includes level ups. This is also where you post Submissions for Extra Xp.

Books Allowed
Paizo: Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, GameMastery Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Equipment, Ultimate Campaign, Advanced Race Guide, Technology Guide, Artifacts and Legends, Blood of Fiends, Blood of Angels, Blood of The Elements, People of the Stars, Distant Worlds, Heroes of the Streets, Cohorts and Companions
Dreamscarred Press: Ultimate Psioncs
Jon Brazer Enterprises: Advanced Elan, Advanced Androids
Kobold Press: Dark Roads and Golden Hells
Legendary Games: Beyond The Void
Rite Publishing: Coliseum Morpheuon
Rogue Genius Games: Anachronistic Adventures

Others will be added after DM approval._

Additonal . We use the Paizo Critical Hit and Fumble decks.