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Kaolin the hadoee op

Due to the multiplanar nature of our campaign setting there are a wide variety of races available to choose from when generating PCs. Some hail from far away planes of existence, some from far away crystal spheres and the solar systems within them.

The following are Pathfinder updates of traditional races from those settings (made using the Advanced Race Guide rules) as used in our game.

No matter what race, all characters fall into one of three categories:

Primes natives of the prime material plane
Planars natives of other planes
Beyonders natives of other dimensions

Planar Races Races native to planes of existence other than the Prime Material. This first group has been converted and released under the OGL by Paizo.
Aasimar | Tiefling | Oread – Earth Genasi | Ifrit – Fire Genasi |Negatai |Positai | Rogue Modron | Sylph – Air Genasi | Undine – Water Genasi

Wildspace Races There are many races native to the spaces between the worlds. These are my conversions of the original Spelljammer races. (Note that the Lizard folk were converted by Paizo in the ARG.)
Androids | Dracon | Giff | Grommam | Hadozee | Hurwaeti | Lizardfolk | Rastipede | Xixchil

The Children of Gith Thousands of years ago a servitor races broke the psionic shackles of the Illithids only to fragment into three new subraces.
Githyanki | Githzerai | Pirates of Gith

Images by Syreene