Civic Festhall

festhall.jpgCivic Festhall – Along with the Great Gymnasium and the Hall of Speakers, which all sit within walking distance of each other in adjacent wards, the Civic Festhall stands as one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture within all of Sigil. Like the Great Gymnasium, it has seen little outward change in its operations since the Faction War, despite the disbanding of the Society of Sensation, which built and operated the Festhall.

Situated in the Clerk’s Ward at the corner of Crystal Dew Lane and Festive Way, the elegantly
spired and gloriously decorated building has stood for over six hundred years and was built and planned over the course of a further century. The Society of Sensation left nothing to whimsy in the construction of the Festhall. Everything from the mineral veins present in the marble blocks used to construct the outer façade, which details in mosaic the five senses, to the color of the ore used to build the bladed spikes, spires, and flying buttresses that radiate from the building like the spines of a great ocean mollusk was carefully planned. The interior walls with their alternating rough and smooth patches, the tiny carvings playing like crawling vines acrossthe corner of a tile in even the remotest corner of the main hall’s expanse, every bit of the Festhall has something for one to experience and ply the senses with. Nothing was left to chance; all was planned for years as a single great and wondrous artistic expression of the experiences to be had by a cutter in Sigil and across the multiverse.

Once past the elaborate doors of the main entrance, each over ninety feet tall, the grand hall is filled with the scents of a hundred perfumes drifting on the air flowing from any number of people or classrooms throughout the first floor of the building. Off to either side the space is filled with classrooms and lecture halls that concentrate on any of a hundred topics that are never the same two days in a row. Lecture topics may range from mundane topics of academia such as the types of githyanki Astral Carracks over the past century, to a free for all food fight within a closed room with baatezu cuisine just because they threw tanar’ri food the other day.

While the Sensates have officially abandoned Sigil, its members left only in name as most of
those running the Festhall today are Sensates. They continue to perform their duties even
without the official backing of the faction. [At least the public backing of it anyways. – The
Editor] Most of the entertainment and scheduling of performances within the Festhall is
arranged by a cutter by the name of Annali Webspinner (female bariaur). She still retains the position in the Festhall she had before the Faction War, losing none of her purpose or ideals with the fall of her faction’s power.

Aside from the lecture halls, there are rooms that had previously been reserved for Sensates to use once devoted to training new and old techniques in magic, combat styles, and roguery. All manner of styles and techniques are trained therein, and now since the Faction War they’ve ostensibly been open to the public, though for a charge, and for a lower cost if a blood has donated experiences to the public or the sensoriums before. The sensoriums themselves are one of the key draws of the Festhall, being a collection of experiences encompassing emotions, sights, touches, smells, and tastes. All of the collected experiences are the memories of those same experiences drawn and given freely from a cutter’s mind with the purpose of sharing them with others.

Outside the Festhall and set on adjacent hillsides stand two auditoriums, the Northumber
Amphitheatre which is in open air and the Elloweth Theatre which is shielded by a translucent covering of capiz shell to allow in light. Both are used for live performances of musical and theatric presentations, typically in daylight hours. Other concerts, plays, and the like are held within Ren Hall inside the Festhall itself to packed crowds regardless of the price of admission. These larger scale events are held twice a night with staggered styles of performances between evenings.

Also within the Festhall are numerous guest quarters as well as the previously private chambers of former Factol Erin ‘Darkflame’ Montgomery. Since the factol’s disappearance during the Faction War, presumably to one of the Lady’s Mazes, the chambers have lain undisturbed and her former faction members have done their best to keep away prying eyes from this and supposedly deeper chamber within the bowels of the Festhall.

Little known except to Sensates, the interior dimensions of the hall are significantly smaller than the outside dimensions would allow for, suggesting unused spaces or chambers concealed to the public. One such chamber is said to be a hall of portals to various planes called the Sanctum Sanctorum at the very heart of the Festhall. There is also rumored to be a now collapsed tunnel that led from that hidden chamber to the depths of the former archives beneath the now destroyed Hall of Records.

Civic Festhall

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