Tag: Rock of Bral


  • The Laughing Beholder

    The Laughing Beholder is owned' by none other than Large Luigi, the famous beholder and tavern keeper. Luigi is an extremely wise and …

  • The Edge

    Known as the favored drinking hole of flamboyent space captains like Dirck of Wildspace, Pryessant, Elrohir Amroth, or even Lady Chaos herself (though she hasn't been seen on Bral in quite a while). Because of this, the Edge is the fasionable place on …

  • The Drunken Neogi

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/43968/Drunken_Neogi_Sign.jpg(Drunken neogi sign)!
    A down at the heels bar in Lowtown Bral known for the shady goings on that occur there. Image by "Gwyneth Ravenscraft":http:// …