Drella Vir

Cleric of Lirr, City of Greyhawk


Drella is a priestess of Lirr who lives and studies in the The Free City of Greyhawk . She stands 5’7" and sports reddish hair and a generally rumpled appearance. On her face she bears ritual calligraphy tattoos in honor of her patron god.

Over past few years she has struck up a friendship with Farrah Dey and Celeste. Seeing promise in the younger adventurers she has taken them under her wing to an extent (the extent that she does not have her nose firmly buried in books of prose that is). She is puzzled by Farrah’s seeming avoidance of the Green Dragon, but not as much as by Celeste’s race.


Her father was of Suel background and her mother an elf who “came from the stars”, both of whom perished in the Crystalmist Mountains. Drella herself was raised in Veluna, and the culture’s emphasis on reason and serenity are things she holds fast to.

Drella Vir

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