Battle-Poet Fanyar Leafbower

Alcyone Leafbower's mother


Fanyar is tall for a void elf, coming in at 5’5" and 110 llbs. She has the ivory-white hair and pale skin that denotes the Leafbower bloodline, as well as the diplomatic skills that so often come with it.

Since her experiences on the hornet she has taken up a Ba’atorian lute as her primary instrument finding it’s infernal tones well suited to the darker texture of her current music.


Fanyar is a full-ranked Battle-Poet of the Elven Fleet. She joined the Fleet over seven decades ago and has served faithfully for much of that time. She maintained an estate on Spiral until it was taken by the Scro invasion forces. Now she keep apartments on the Rock of Bral, although those are primarily for her daughter Alcyone Leafbower. Fanyar herself lives shipboard. Her son Aladan Leafbower is an officer in the EIN currently stationed in Refuge on the warbird Raptor.

Fanyar was assigned to the Emerald Hornet, part of the Bralspace Fleet that was crushed at the start of the Second Unhuman War. Only the Hornet survived an attempt to claim the so-called Cloak of the First Pilot, an adventure that pitted them against the scro Fleet of the Red Tarantula. Following the failed adventure, the Hornet returned to the Elven Fleet and eventually, Bralspace.

The loss of the other ships of the Bralspace fleet has scarred Fanyar deeply. Like most of the other crewmen of the Hornet, she feels the pains of survivor guilt. Her poetry, once bright and full of life, has turned dark and gloomy. If not for the ongoing war, it is likely the Elven Fleet would send her on shore-leave for a decade or so to recover from her grief.

Adapted from the original work by Adam “Night Druid” Miller

Battle-Poet Fanyar Leafbower

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