Annali Webspinner

Leader of the Sigil Entertainment Guild


An exceptionally attractive female bariaur, Annali’s raven hair makes a sharp contrast to her milk white coat of fur. She has been known to attract suitors of all genders and species, many of whom are granted her favours.

Annali constantly smokes a small cigar which never seems to diminish in size or go out. Knowledgeable cutters say that sometimes you can make out the odor through the ever present stench of The Cage and that it smells like Bytopian hobbit leaf.


Annali’s the sort of Sensate that your parents warn you about. She wants to have a good time, all the time, which usually means sex, with an ever-changing stable of partners. But that’s all it is; she doesn’t play mind games, or try to use her charms to control anyone.

In addition to directing the registration and indoctrination at the Festhall, she coordinates most of the entertainment, planning events up to two years or more in advance. She’s always on the lookout for cutters with new or unusual experiences to add to the sensoriums, so she’s unusually accessible to strangers. Likewise, she’s also willing to give any berks a five-minute audition, if they’ve got a talent to peddle at one of the Festhall’s stages.

Annali Webspinner

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