Planejammer: The Infinity Arc

S01E03 The White Crow

Sigil_2.jpgQuote of the NIght “It’s bardening, not gardening.” -Lucky

9-10 Needfest 5050 O.C. – Sigil
Annali Webspinner summons Estatira and the rest. A high powered bard is set to perform, and a usually small time thief has absconded with one of his journals. She wants it retrieved asap, preferably before this Baleron discovers it is missing.

After scouring the area for the dark of it they trace the White Crow to the edge of the hive. she is hiding out in an abandoned building across the street from a cemetery that has been sealed for 800 years, ever since the ta’anaric plague killed thousands under the age of 18. They track her down but she flees, leading them on a merry chase through the streets until she scales the wall and enters the cemetery.

Alcyone, Estatira and Farrah all try to track her down/prevent her escape from the cemetery confines while Lucky and Lucidus check her hideout. Lucky finds a vellum envelope with five white feathers tucked into her pillowcase. Lucidus finds a 1/4 ounce of Bytopian pipeweed in the bedroll.

End White Crow is faerie fired and under the cover of the undergrowth. Alcyone and estatira are on the cemetery wall with Farrah on the ground as backup. Lucky and Lucy have just exited the abandoned building.


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