Planejammer: The Infinity Arc

S01E02 Rocking The Portaljammer

sigil__1_.jpgQuote of the Night: “Oh god. I am our strongest fighter!?!?!?!?!” - Estatira
First Blood of the Campaign Farrah Dey, fried a dire rat with spark

5-6 Needfest 5050 O.C. – Free City of Greyhawk
Our heroes receive a message from Draax during breakfast. Following it’s directions takes them through the sewers beneath the Broken Staff to the Greyhawk School of Psionics. There it’s leader, Pantrell, gives them a few crates of books (Goods: 10). Trade goods to get them started. While carrying them out through the sewers they are attacked by a trio of dire rats, but Lucidus and Farrah make short work of them.

Downtime: 1 Day Estatira makes an array of alchemical items. Alcyone and Lucky research Draax and the Silver Skeleton. The find he has extensive links to both Sigil and the Rock of Braal. Also, he is often seen in the company of a female paladin and a monk. Nothing new is found about the Silver Skeleton. Lucidus, spends his day copying the books they received so as to keep copies. Farrah tries to find a way to send a message home. She has an unpleasant encounter with one of the Planarists, but also eventually finds a celestian priest who is on a pilgrimage to Greyhawk.

7-8 Needfest 5050 O.C. – Sigil
Taking the portal (fresh cut flowers) to Sigil Our Heroes try to find a place to keep their trade goods safe. Eventually Estatira cuts a deal for room at The Portaljammer, she performs each night in exchange for acommodations. First night’s performance (21) raked in over 50 gold in tips.

Dire rat x 3


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