Planejammer: The Infinity Arc

S01E01 Too Many Coincidences

The First 24 hours

so_it_begins.jpgNeedfest 4, 5050 O.C. (Winter Solstice) | SIGIL / The Free City of Greyhawk

Lucidus is given an offer by a representative of Estavan from the Planar Trade Consortium. It’s a simple message delivery to some backwater prime world called Oerth. With Estatira and Lucky Guess O’Connor he accepts the gig. He is to deliver a Ba’atorian fire opal which contains a message. Estatira is beside herself wanting to play with it, but he keeps it tucked away. Finally she and Lucky examine it, determining that it’s the Ba’atorian equivalent of a crank call. A message is contained, but it is also rigged to explode into a cloud of foul air and toxic smoke.

The three of them take the provided portal and step from the Lady’s Ward to the snow covered streets of The Free City of Greyhawk. On the hilly rise above them stand the great university, surrounded by Celestian clergy on holy vigil and a variety of arcane weather workers keeping the air clear and dry.

One of those Celestians is Alcyone Leafbower, and as the group passes a few scant feet away she has momentary visions of a silver skeleton and a bald mage with a black van dyke beard. She is spending her first time planetside embracing the holiday, but has also been given a message to deliver to an as yet unknown person.

The fire opal guides them to Farrah Dey who is using her affinity with air to help keep the weather clear. Lucidus delivers the opal, and they all step back. Farrah opens it, managing to toss it aside as it blows up. Before it can effect anyone she calls up a breeze and dissipates it. It’s a message from Bigby, in Auran. He tells her that the Eight need her to keep an eye on the interplanar travellers. The stinking cloud prank was one he just couldn’t resist.

The three from Sigil get ensconced in The Broken Staff where they drink the night away. Well, the ladies do, Lucidus never eats or drinks anything. The next day the girls from Sigil are nursing titanic hangovers after drinking Old Troll’s Piss the night before. Lucidus wakes them at sunrise being disturbingly chipper.

While they moan and threaten, Alcyone enters the bar. As she sees Estatira she gets another flash of the silver skeleton, and when she sees Farrah she sees the bald mage again. She approaches the two in order to warn them of what she has seen, but while they are talking Lucidus suddenly grabs his temple in distress. Some thing is wrong.

As Lucidus feels his psionic energy draining away they get him out of the bar and out of range of whatever it was. Alcyone hears something and looks back to see the bartender carrying something that looks like a mole, whose brains he bashes out against the wall before going inside. Lucidus recognizes it as a brain mole, and the source of his Psionics drain.

At this point almost all of them have been up all night, so Our Heroes crash and reconvene over boar bacon and omelette made from owlbear eggs. As they discuss the various odd coincidences of their meeting they realize that an elf sporting an amazing array of daggers has been sitting there without being noticed.

Calling them a promising group of youngsters, and sharing tidbits about each that he should have no way of knowing, he tells them he orchestrated bringing them together. He hands over a Portal Diary as an “investment” with the qualifier that there are four ancient times he seeks, they are to be turned over instantly when found. “The rest is yours.”

While Estatira swoons over the leather clad figure, Lucky takes an instantaneous dislike to him. Lucidus it utterly riveted by the potential the portal diary represents, Alcyone is quite skeptical.

“My operatives will contact you in Sigil through Estevaan,” say Draax and then disappears in a multi-hued distortion.

Quote of the Night: “I think a friend of mine summoned something like you once.” – Farrah to Estatira


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